Off to the Races: The Final Lap

It’s crazy to think that I’ve already gone to my last first football game, performed in my first show of the school year and started rehearsals for my final Dance Downtown. When everyone got back to campus I actually felt old. I was walking through a sea of 18 year olds with their families and I was just in awe of the simple fact that I was in their shoes three years ago.

It’s hard to see it when it’s happening, but so much has changed from 18/19 to 21 and for the first time since being in undergrad I actually feel my growth.

Day two of classes and we were already auditioning for Dance Downtown. For the first time in an audition I was confident in my movement and ability, enjoying moving again and truly trusting myself for what felt like the first time. I was familiar with the mindset I needed to have when each choreographer entered the room and I was calm.

It was awesome.

On Friday, I was sitting in my Senior Seminar class listening to my peers describe their senior projects in complete awe. We are interested in such a wide array of topics and have so many unique ways to approach what matters to us. I always knew we were great, but wow. The Amazing Freshman from 2013-2014 are the Extraordinary Seniors and I cannot wait to support each and every one of my friends the same way we’ve been supporting each other since 8:30 AM technique in Pomerene Hall.

Maybe that’s why I’m not afraid, because I actually feel ready. Ready to live, laugh, love and create with my beautiful peers for one last year with life as we know it. At 18, I had no idea what I was in for. At 21, I still feel as if I have no idea what I’m doing and yet I’m creating pieces, performing, writing, editing and making films. I’m already doing it and it comes natural so I can only assume that everything will just work out the way that they already have.

I’m excited for my final year! It’s time to prove to ourselves that we can do this!

Side Note: Shameless plug, but I finally finished my Brazil film. You can read all about it and watch it in the “making films” link!

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