3 of 4: Complete

How is it even possible that I am laying in my bed back home in Chicago finally relaxing for the first time since winter break? It feels like I just went through orientation yesterday, how am I finished with my junior year of college? I was just rocking my only Ohio State T-shirt around the halls of Whitney Young Magnet High School on Decision Day, how on earth am I preparing for my senior year already?!

Year three: The year I began to come into my own.

This was my craziest year of schooling to date. Preparing for my first international tour (that blog post is still in the works), creating with an amazing group of people for a peer’s senior project and finally juggling courses that I actually wanted to take was hectic and time consuming. Throw in working part-time and balancing one internship in the fall and two internships in the spring, it’s amazing that I even made it through. What puts the cherry on top of surviving, however, is the simple fact that I essentially loved every second of it.

This was the year that I really began to refine my personal and creative voice. I started taking more action in exploring my interests (huge props to Project Playtime for kick starting a lot of my willingness to grow) by taking classes like Intermedia and Dance Film that both combined my interests in dance, performance and technology and furthered those interests. I began to push myself in attempts to both prove and show myself as a member of a company. I took on the daunting task to be the resident videographer for the most pivotal point in my life thus far. I pushed myself in the studio. I developed a stronger bond with friends old and new, and most importantly with myself.

I decided that I was going to be a performer. And a choreographer. And a painter. And a videographer. And a fashion journalist. And an editor. I decided that I was over trying to put myself in a box. I decided that I was done doing what everyone else wanted, and proceeded to water my seeds. I decided that I was going to be an all around creator of my dreams.

Junior year, the dream where my dreams came true. The year where I floated on a cloud. The year where I got a glimpse at what my life could be… what my life should be.

So I’m standing up for that.

As I begin to prepare for that final chapter, I am shamelessly investing in myself and my interests for all intents and purposes. I’m editing my first big film project. I’m doing research for my distinction senior project on something that represents who I am and who I’ve become in the most wholesome way I could’ve ever imagined. I’m working to better myself and most importantly:

I’m having fun doing it.

Junior year of college absolutely changed my life for the better. I have a better grasp on the world around me. I have a better grasp on myself.

I am so grateful, blessed and forever indebted to those who push me and inspire me every single day. After a year of struggling alone I was given a year to grow and flourish with the people around me. I will never take that for granted.

Time to keep going up.

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