Intermedia Discoveries

This semester I decided that I really wanted to get a better grip on the technology and behind the scenes production element that dance has to offer. In addition to Sound Design, Lighting, and Video Production, this semester I am taking Intermedia with Norah Zuniga-Shaw. I wanted to take this class because it sounded like the beginning of my end goal–what other aspects of the dance world can keep me involved without “performing” per say?

There are readings and viewings for this class that are really interesting, but I find with this class I get the most out of hands on experience. Every Friday I meet with my lab group and we work on our presentations or studies. The thing about these small projects is the different hats we have to wear to get each assignment done. With every presentation we need someone to perform, someone to run the technology, someone to direct, and a dramaturge. Everything is collaborative, but it’s nice to have a role and feel like you’re doing your part for the project.

I am more than halfway through the semester and with all the classes that I’m taking, I’ve noticed a few things about myself. For a while I was worried that I was losing the desire to perform–turns out that isn’t the case at all. I’m really into the technology of the things that we do for this class (among dance film and other things) but not always. I’m finding that I either like doing the behind the scenes tech things when they aren’t my ideas, but when they are my ideas I like to be in the environments or directing them versus creating them.

As an all around creator, this class has helped me realize that I have a voice in all aspects of creation and I don’t always have to pick and choose. I love collaborating and exploring the honestly infinite possibilities of performance art with these new media aspects and I am excited to see what my final project develops into!

BTS of our texture and surface study, “Untitled 13”

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