STEP Experience: Project Playtime

Two years of college under my belt and I’ve learned so many valuable lessons about myself and myself in dance. One of the most important things I’ve failed to acknowledge, however, is how dance transitioned from something I did to relieve stress to something that caused a lot of my stress. Dancing is still fun, most definitely, but it is no longer my “break,” it is my every day. In my first two years of undergrad I neglected to find something to give me a break from dancing and it took a much harder toll on me than I could’ve anticipated. 

I was fortunate enough to have participated in the Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) this past year and I am happy to say that I have been funded $2,000 for something I call “Project Playtime”. My favorite way to learn about myself is through art, so I’ve decided to immerse myself in all kinds of art without any pressure–purely for the fun of it.

In the next few months I will be painting and drawing, creating a photo series, a polaroid series, a dance film, a mini-documentary, journaling, reading a book, and brushing up on my piano skills. I will also be taking classes in photography, dance, and yoga as well as attending art events from installations to festivals just to name a few things on my agenda.

I’m excited to create this art as well as share it with all of you! I will be posting some of my creations on this blog as they come but I am contemplating creating another blog dedicated to Project Playtime. I’m not quite sure yet.

I lost myself this past semester, and neglected to acknowledge I was lost. This summer is dedicated to finding the fun in life again and allowing myself to play. I’m not a pro or even remotely skilled in a lot of the mediums I’ll be exploring but that’s okay–it’s just supposed to be fun! 🙂

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