A Meeting of the Minds


What felt like the perfect ending to my sophomore year just so happened to be my second-year Arts Scholars project. This past Thursday, a few dance majors had a meeting of the minds with a musician and a videographer to create a fun, experimental improv session.

The musician, Alex Thesken, played any tunes he wanted on his guitar while us dancers played with three different improv scores. The first score was exploring different movement qualities in different levels; for example low level would be heavy weight, mid level would be resilience, and high level would be light weight. The second score was filtering out of the space and having our movement be dictated by the music Alex was playing. The final score (my favorite) was walking in a grid and improvising through the grid.

It was really fun dancing with Callie, Lily, Mary Chase, Kelly, Erica and Elyse for the last time this year. I also liked jamming with Alex and hanging out with Jay (the mastermind behind the camera). Yay, friends!

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