When the hardwork pays off

When classes started in August, Susan Hadley asked the class what we wanted to get out of composition this semester. There was a long list of things ranging from being comfortable creating and presenting our work, to learning how to structure dances. One of the big things everyone agreed on was learning how to create and coach dancers on the spot, so that became one of our in-class assignments.

If you would have asked me to create something on the spot to teach back in August I would’ve been very flustered and judgmental of everything I’d come up with. One thing I’ve accomplished this semester is becoming more comfortable with what I create and being less precious with it as well. When the time came for me to vom random material for Heidi and Callie, long story short I accepted my movement for what it was when I started creating and I ended up loving the material.

It was after this class that I decided I wanted to elaborate on this movement for my comp final. I’d imagined working on a trio so I recruited Lily, who you might remember from my dance film last semester, and we got to work.

I decided to go out on a limb and adjudicate my trio for the spring concert next semester. A lot of seniors adjudicate their pieces for the spring concert and I haven’t choreographed since my senior year of high school so I didn’t go in with any expectations.

Fun fact: take risks.

I found out last night that my trio, Tailing, will be in the spring concert! I’m so excited and so proud of my dancers, and I’m also so thankful for all the help I’ve gotten from my peers and two people I feel I can talk to about anything, Susan Hadley and Sofie. Thank you so much guys!

Enjoy the most recent draft of my piece:


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