Jasmin Williams

Attending a four year university has always been in the cards for me. For as long as I could remember my family emphasized the importance of higher education. When I finally reached “decision making age” I not only agreed with their opinions because they were logical, but because college is something that I’ve always wanted to experience. In almost every argument about degrees versus success there’s that one person who rambles off the list of truly spectacular people that didn’t graduate–the “Bill Gates”s and the “Mark Zuckerberg”s and the “Matt Mulleweg”s–and that’s great! But everyone doesn’t have a calling like that. I never intended to go down that road because I feel that there’s so much more to learn. To live my dream of dancing professionally, graduating with a BFA in Dance first is the way to go for me.

But that isn’t the only way…

Jasmin Williams is a talented dancer, spirited choreographer, breathtaking singer, and all around beautiful person. She’s also my best friend. I spent a majority of my high school years dancing, creating, arguing, laughing, and growing with her on our school’s dance team and in life in general. This is the girl who choreographed a killer duet that I will forever cherish as my first breakthrough as a dancer my final year on the high school stage. She was my headache, but she pulled so much more out of me than I thought was possible. For that opportunity to be seen by both an audience and the first time I really saw myself, I am forever grateful. During our senior year we applied to a lot of the same dance programs but while I decided on Ohio State, she decided on Indiana University. As usual, life happens, and after our first semester in college Jasmin moved back home to draft a new plan that fit for her.

That plan involved up and moving to LA to chase her dreams.

At the end of last month, a mere three days before I came home for summer vacation, my best friend hopped on a plane to her new life in Los Angeles where she has to start from scratch. Find a new job, a new daily routine, new everything. She did all this because she simply… had the faith to jump.

Today Jasmin signed her first contract on the spot at an audition. She’s officially a contracted dancer! I have friends going into their final years of college still preparing for that step and this 18 year old had the balls to move her life to chase her dream the way she wanted.

I wouldn’t be any prouder if she was my own child. Congratulations, Jas! You’ve officially beat me out by a couple years but this is only the beginning for you. There aren’t enough words for me to emphasize how courageous you are for making this jump. Keep working! Maybe the rest of MTM will join you in LA someday. I love you more than words could describe and I will always support you.

My best friend can dance y’all 🙂

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