The Sound of Music

Music is such a powerful form of artistry. It can make people see things and feel things all through our sense of hearing.

Music has always been in my corner. I’m not necessarily musically inclined, I played the piano for a few years in elementary school, but I can’t imagine my life without it. I listen to music to be happy, I listen to music to be sad, I listen to music with my friends, and I support my friends who make music. I’ve connected with so many people through my musical interests. I use music for all these things, completely separate from my art form.

I can’t listen to music without moving or visualizing movement in some capacity. As a dancer, I sometimes use movement to emphasize the story in a song. As I grow as an artist, I’m learning to do the opposite. Music can either complement or contradict movement, but the relationship is ever present.

I’ve recently been exploring GarageBand and to make my own music. One of the great things about OSU’s program is that they literally teach you how to do anything so you can save/make $$$ when you go out into the real world. Making my own music is a fantastic skill for when I’m choreographing because I can legitimately do whatever I want for music and movement! But like I said, I’m not musically inclined so I don’t see me using GB too much. I definitely had fun making my final song as well as listening to my peers’ awesome tracks.

Without further ado, I present Restaurant Ambition.

Huge shout outs to beloved department accompanist, Elijah Palnik, who I’ve featured on this blog a few months ago. His chill aura and love for music made me feel totally comfortable goofing around with sounds for the first time. Thanks, Elijah!

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