A semester and a half into freshman year and I have already be introduced to so many great things! From running this blog and photoshop to dance films and documentaries, things have really been layering up outside of the studio.IMG_7027

For my Production class this semester, it is required to be on the run crew for a dance show. This past week was OSU Department of Dance’s winter concert entitled, “RE: flect | peat | dact | start” which is the show I was on the crew for.

I had the pleasure of working the soundboard for the concert which was really scary and a lot of pressure at first because doing the sound gave me a lot of power to mess up the show, but after my first day I got pretty good at it. It is truly an experience to be on the other side of a performance, and I know that before this past week I never gave the run crew the credit they deserved.

Aside from being a great experience doing something new, it was a great bonding experience with my crew! Mary Chase, Liv, Charlotte, and Kylee were pretty great friends to work with but we also really bonded with our Production teacher, Carrie, lighting designers Daniel and Dave, BalletMet representative Judy, and our amazing stage manager, Miwah. It was Miwah’s first time stage managing which made my new experience that much more special.

I was extremely tired all week, but I beyond proud of all the dancers in the concert (especially the amazing freshmen representing 2017) and the crew! There was a lot of bonding over chocolate, Sloopy’s cookies, Girl Scout cookies, kettle corn, Twizzlers, cream puffs, and dinner at a strangely awesome Tiki restaurant.

Not a day goes by that I’m not eternally grateful to be around such beautiful spirits and amazing opportunities. I have been introduced to something that I actually really enjoyed doing!

Oh, the possibilities are endless.

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