Dance Because You Love It

For my freshman seminar class we had to watch a collection of videos that revolved around different kinds of dance research. The videos introduced ideas ranging from relationships with your hair to the investigation of formal schooling killing creativity. One of the videos that stuck out to me the most is the video that I’ve posted above about an Australian dancer named Nicholas Rowe and his work with a sort of therapeutic dance for people in Beirut, Lebanon.

What interested me the most about this video was the segment where he talked about when his teacher told him “Get your leg higher or you’ll end up in community dance” like community dance is so bad. I can’t speak for anyone else, but as someone who is very passionate about my love for this art form and really striving to succeed in this industry I can sometimes look down on those that just dance for fun… like they aren’t real dancers. I think being in a dance program where dance is your education can sometimes cause you to lose one main point of dance: it’s fun and you love it. This video opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many reasons to dance! I knew this, but by being so indulged in studying dance and intimidated by the industry and having to take everything so seriously to certain extent, the idea of loving what I do solely because it makes me feel good gets lost.

Just a friendly reminder, dance because you love it.

2 thoughts on “Dance Because You Love It

  1. I agree with you, Gabby. This video presented so many reasons for why we should dance and some of those reasons reminded me of that beautiful essay, “I am a Dancer”, we read by Martha Graham. I think our love for dance is lost sometimes because we focus so much attention on what our bodies could be rather than what they already possess. At the core, dance is a celebration of our bodies and the spectacular feats these vessels can perform in whatever form they were created in.

    1. Exactly. This video was a reminder that we didn’t start dancing to just be professionals, we started because it made us happy and benefitted our growth as people in ways that are unimaginable. That kind of ties into what the seniors were telling us earlier: being a dancer has given us so many skills that the general public just don’t posses and we should simply take time appreciate those skills more.

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