Be Happy, Be Healthy!

Everyone knows it is vital to take care of your body, especially when your body is the main instrument for your art form. In my previous post I talked about the importance of putting the right things in my body as well as keeping myself strong. This week is a continuation in that direction.

On Wednesday of this past week, our freshman seminar class took a trip to the RPAC to work out. Ironically in one of my GEs the day before, a student gave a presentation on the importance of exercising and how it actually makes him happier. I thought it was impossible to enjoy going to the gym, but after 30 minutes on the bike, weight training, and abs, I left the gym with my friends incredibly hyper and happy. I can’t deny that a bit of my happiness was due to the exciting news that I’ll be in Drums Downtown next semester, but I did walk out the RPAC feeling good about the fact that I actually did something healthy for my body.

This week was also another session with Michael Kelly Bruce on Alexander Technique. I’m not taking the course until next semester so I’m not 100% positive how to truly describe it, but the basic gist is finding different ways to work your body and how everything in your body is connected. A lot of what we did with MKB has been tied in with my entire study in all of my movement courses this semester. In my prior training I was never taught about the muscles I needed to use to do a move, where to initiate, etc. but ever since the semester started I’ve been getting that information and applying it.

Typically, if I was dancing as much as I do now without the correct knowledge of initiators or different ways to approach movement in my body I would definitely be a lot more injured like I have been in the past. In a way, without even knowing it, just gaining the knowledge of healthy and correct ways to move is a subliminal form of dance wellness.

Be happy, be healthy!

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