How Firm Thy Friendship!

I really love being a dance major at THE Ohio State University. A few weeks ago, by some weird twist of fate, the freshmen dance majors had the amazing opportunity of performing and being recorded for a CNN segment called Rivalry Express. I honestly don’t know anything about the actual segment OR if we really made it on television… but the experience was awesome! We had two days to sort of collaborate and learn a dance directed by the amazing Susan Petry to Carmen Ohio. I had a ton of fun running around with my fellow dancers and being serenaded by the men’s glee club in front of television cameras. This may be the only time that all of the freshman dance majors are on the same stage together which makes the event even more special. Long story short, here’s a video shot by the wonderful Elijah that makes us look pretty awesome and describes what my experience here has been like to a T.

How firm thy friendship… O-HI-O!

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