New Directions

858461_10151437786696506_425530320_oI’m not quite sure what it is about the dance department here at OSU. I’m not quite sure what draws me in the most or what has made me fall in love. I don’t know what has me so eager to explore new doors that have only been opened since being here. I’m not quite sure, but I love it.

I can tell when dancers come from a ballet studio background, or a competition background. When you ask a dancer where they trained you proudly (or not so proudly) get the name of the studio whose floors have absorbed their blood, sweat, and tears… then there’s me.

I started my training at a studio that is mainly geared toward dancers that want to dance recreationally. A lot of great talent comes out of the studio but many don’t have the drive or desire to really pursue the career that I have always dreamed of. The teachers there didn’t push hard enough. By the time I was in 8th grade, I was in the highest level of all of my classes and by freshman year I decided that I needed to part from the studio that I would forever call my home and go somewhere new. Unfortunately, I never got to somewhere new.

A lot transpired during my sophomore year and the second school I attempted to train at didn’t last very long. By junior year I was so focused on academics that I didn’t want to upset the balance. Since a few months into sophomore I’ve only danced at my high school. Guys and Dolls Dance Company is so much more than a “high school dance team”, however. I’ve gotten so many opportunities to perform and choreograph and learn from professionals. This team is what fostered my talent, and taught more things about myself in relation to others that one could even imagine, but I didn’t/couldn’t grow technically. Choreography was the main focus, not continuing to train.

Now I’m here. I think OSU is the starting point that I was looking for back at the beginning of high school; the opportunity to work with new people who are geared toward helping me reach my goal. I am now working with people who will really push me when I don’t want to push myself and teach me not only new things, but new ways to approach old things.

Maybe that’s why I love this program so much. It’s the missing piece to the puzzle that I’ve been trying to find. Now I’m complete. Now I’m ready to go. Now I’m ready to dive head first into preparing for my career and actually feel as if I can succeed. It’s different. Different is good.

New directions, but finally the right direction.

One thought on “New Directions

  1. Gabriellaaaaa… how come you’re so beautifully poignant? I love how you put this. I also want to say that even if you didn’t come from any of the typical backgrounds of the students here, you are still an AMAZING dancer. Your so talented. Geez. I wish you could see what I see when I watch you dance, 🙂

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