Friends, everybody has them…

Before I actually had to leave Chicago and come to OSU I was overly excited about it. It was so obvious that I needed time and space from the people I called my friends and college was the only way to go about it. Now that I’m actually here, I’m having difficulties adjusting.

Here’s the deal. A majority of my best friends are people that I’ve been in contact with almost every day since we were 12 years old, the summer before seventh grade or at least since freshman year. We’ve grown together as people and have experienced each others high and low points. It’s gotten to the point where a lot of the things that I may do don’t have to be explained because they just get it. We all just click… hence the word clique?

But I don’t have that luxury.

I’m in an entirely new environment with no one who really knows me. I have no crutch. It’s almost as if I’ve jumped into the deep end with no life preserver knowing damn well that I can only doggy paddle for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the dance majors and I love how close knit we are as a department, it just seems as if everyone has already found where they fit and who they fit with and I’m just… here without my usual go-to people. I’m so used to just having a place where I fit that I just don’t know how to get out of this awkward space.

Yes I miss my friends and the life that I’m so accustomed to, but I’m somewhat glad that I’ve been put in this situation. I just have to figure it out. Welcome to college.

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